Once you have arrive on the boat and are with one foot on The Victoria Gulet, you will have left behind all your sorrows which you forget instantly. This is what holidays should be. The ship is spacious, better said ‘ very big and Spacious ‘ The Sardinian coastline gives you the rest and calm of the beautiful scenery, even if you’re in the various Harbour towns. The water is crystal clear, warm and as soon as the sun shines one can see both a deep dark blue as a light blue color. Because the water is so clear, you can see both the soil of the coast as the fishes swimming, a daily dive into the water from the ship was a morning and afternoon ritual. Once the ship is for anchor, the stairs are lowered so that you can go easily into the water. After swimming, you can even directly take a shower on deck to rinse away the salty seawater. Furthermore besides swimming  you can make unlimited use of the canoe, the SUP peddle boards and many other water attributes, and if desired you can go even waterskiing.

The crew is very friendly, experienced and professional. The Victoria Gulet is in good hands with this crew team, so that you fully can relax and enjoy your holidays. Each day you get delicious fresh international meals of very good quality, both lunch and dinner are very extensive and for breakfast there is something for everyone. And if you want to sleep in then you can do that as well,  then breakfast you just what later. It is to your own ritme…

The route and the planning of the day are discussed daily with the captain. Since you are on a yacht the weather conditions can be adjusted slightly for the best route for the clients and yacht. The crew ensures a relaxing holiday and gives a little dynamic and adventurous as you should take into account the nature. It doesn’t matter where you travel, all places have their charm. The captain is experienced and knows all the beautiful little quite bays, he takes into account our wishes and the weather conditions to ensure safety and fun. A visit to the famous harbour of Porto Rotondo is definitely worth it, if only for the delicious ice cream that you can get there….

The fresh and clean air, the salty water and the beautiful surroundings have a beneficial effect on both the body and the spirit. A holiday on Victoria Gulet offers relaxation with not to mention an adventurous and sporty edge. The commitment of the crew gives just that little bit extra which makes the holiday most certainly one of the best. What more do you want?! A sailing holiday offers the best value for money as far as I am concerned, whether you are with a large group or in a small company. Victoria Gulet makes it even better.

  Dutch Customer E.H.  
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